I'm going to be completely honest: I don't think the books themselves have genre. In fact, I think we can all learn a lot if we allow ourselves to experience other perspectives. However, it is true that the female entrepreneurial experience comes with a series of additional vicissitudes, especially if it comes from a more traditionalist region that is experiencing social changes as profound as Latin America.

For this reason I wanted to compile the best books written for women entrepreneurs and professionals that I have read and that, personally, I feel could serve as an inspiration to all women entrepreneurs out there. Because as they say, where there is a glass ceiling there will also be a woman with a hammer, ready to break it.

1. They, by Ana Victoria García

  • What is it about? Ana Victoria García is a benchmark for female entrepreneurship in the country, either for founding the Victoria147 academy for entrepreneurs or for her participation as a shark investor in Shark Tank México. In this book, the author tells us her story as a businesswoman and at the same time, 24 other stories of successful entrepreneurs.
  • Why should you read it? Because it shows how an entrepreneur faced her fears and failures to become one of the most powerful women in Mexico.

2. There is no going back. The Power of Women to Change the World, by Melinda French Gates

  • What's It About? In this book, Melinda French Gates talks about the power of women to change the world by describing some of the most inspiring she has encountered during her 20-plus-year career in philanthropy.
  • Why you should read it: French Gates talks about very real problems for women around the world from child marriage to lack of access to contraceptives. In addition, it narrates the problems that you have faced on a personal level. If you are looking for something to inspire you to create a business that changes the world, this book is for you.

3. The Princess Diaries, by Carrie Fisher

  • What is it about? When Carrie Fisher was filming Star Wars , she filled several journals with love poems and reflections. Years later, the actress found these texts again and struggled to recognize herself in those letters. This book is how you do it.
  • Why you should read it: Not only is it a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of one of the world's most famous movies, it's an intimate portrait of how fame affected Fisher and how he began to experience the first signs of bipolar disorder. that would accompany her the rest of her life. It is a wonderful book for when you need something that inspires you to overcome the bad times and what better way than Leia Organa to tell you.

4. Thrive, by Arianna Huffington

  • What's it about? Arianna Huffington was working so hard that one day she fell asleep at her desk and broke her cheekbone. This injury led her to realize that while she was the founder of one of the fastest growing media outlets ( The Huffington Post), her body was also suffering from a lack of love and care. This book is about how hard the businesswoman struggled to find work-life balance and provides tools on how you, too, can begin this quest.
  • Why should you read it? Arianna Huffington herself gave me the copy that I own and said "Live with love" when she signed it (This is the interview!) Removing that epic moment, this book shows that to be whole, really whole, we have to take care of ourselves and, in turn, that the only way to climb the career ladder is to be whole humans.

5. Persepolis, by Marjane Satrapi

  • What is it about? It is a graphic novel that tells the autobiographical story of a girl who sees how her world is transformed due to the Iranian Islamic revolution. It's a stark tale, not for everyone, but definitely full of lessons on resilience.
  • Why should you read it? This novel has already been transported to the big screen and is the winner of various awards. It is not for less, because it tells of the difficult choices that Marjane had to make when she realizes that the new regime for which her parents fought is not what they were promised. All this while she becomes a young adult. Unmissable.

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